Monthly Archives: April 2011

Raising Monsters

Meet “Frankie-Stein”, Frankenstein’s teenage daughter and the latest must-have doll in the family. I don’t have much to say about this. Just, wow.  She’s green and her limbs are detachable at all the joints.

I said No to the “street walker” werewolf…

and No to  ”Draculaura”

Because we don’t need to be scaring all your friends at show and tell, and what would the teachers think? I did however agree to  Frankenstein’s teenage daughter because even though she too looks like a monster-“street walker”, she is on her way to the beach and she’s in her bathing suit so that makes it ok, I guess. geez. Never knew that I would be having to deal with this kind of issue so soon. Mom’s of girls, never take  Tinkerbell for granted, she’s a little of a brat but we love her. Dear Mattel, can we please get some appropriately dressed monster dolls on the market so our daughters don’t want to dress like this?! 

Re-think Trash

the other day i ran out of garbage bags but i had 800 plastic grocery bags stashed so i decided to use them instead.  but, i’m pretty sure they don’t break down, so i wasn’t sure what the best thing was to do… and then i got to thinking, i bet regular garbage bags don’t break down either, also, why not? that’s absurd! but maybe they do!? does anyone know if garbage bags breakdown in landfills? if not what a shame. big shame, biiiig shame.

Gardening the Lazy Way

If you’re new to gardening have no fear. It can be relatively easy with a few simple tips from lazy farmers like me. First of all, I almost never dig or till. Its true! You can have a great garden without breaking your back. Here’s my secret, NEWSPAPER and lots of it. Simply pick a sunny spot in your yard and mark off your beds. Lots of people like to do 4×4 square beds. Then take a tub of some sort like the size of a litter box and fill it with water. Soak your newspaper in the tub of water and then apply it thickly over your bed space, covering all grass and weeds. Once your bed is completely covered, pile on a 3″ layer of peat moss then a layer of leaves or straw and a second layer of peat moss. You can also layer in grass clippings and compost if you have it. Repeat the layers until you have about 12″ of planting medium. Now you’re ready to plant!

Is This Thing On?

So this is the third or maybe its the forth bs blog start? I’ve lost count. But the point is we are attempting to make this thing work, the bleustockings blog that is. Here you can expect to find the secrets to life along with many other fascinating tid-bits. The truth is we don’t really know what the hell anyone is going to come up with but the need is here. Bleustockings is evolving into what theloveofpete and I originally intended it to be which is a magazine of sorts. Reading material for the inquisitive, off-beat, feminist desperately seeking her holy grail; courageously slaying the Dragon of Thou Shalt (to paraphrase good ol’ Joseph Campbell); and who’s not opposed to the occasional cheese puff sandwich washed down with an extra dry vodka martini or perhaps a mangomosa or two.