Just Say No-to plastic bags

Dear grocery baggers of the world: Everytime I go to the grocery store and take my own bags you put only 4 or 5 items in each bag and then try to send me home with 2 or 3 plastic bags…Here’s the deal, I bring my own bags so that I don’t get the plastic ones so fill her up, stuff it, I don’t care, do whatever you have to do but don’t even think about giving me a plastic bag. Some of us who have survived earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis and bin Laden  would like to save the planet, thank you!

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  1. I am terrible about this. Thing is, if I don’t have a super cute bag that folds into the size of an egg on me at the time of checkout, I’m doomed. I’ll go plastic bag.
    I really like the Chico’s brand bags because they clip onto my purse and I will always have one on me that way.
    Lately, since I forget my re-usable bags so often, I’ve been saving every single plastic bag. My hope is to knit them into a giant shopping bag and give it as a gift. And if the project turns into a pain then I’ll just remember to bring my own bag next time! BYOB!!!
    Isn’t it frightening to consider how many bags we already dumped into the world before people started reusing?

  2. It’s totally frightening and it is fear that makes me remember. I definitely had this problem for a long time and you’re not alone. I was having issues with my self esteem over it and I finally got off my butt and started keeping them in my car and once when I was in target with my stuff and my daughter and put everything down and went to my car and got my bags sort of like I was making myself learn a lesson so I would remember next time. Once you start remembering and doing your part it feels so good and you won’t go back, trust me. I feel so good about myself in knowing I’m doing the right thing. Also, you can reuse those plastic bags ya know and they actually fit into one of those plastic easter eggs, I just tried it…

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