Dollars to Donuts??

So until recently I’ve been stashing all of my recyclables in the kitchen and taking them to the recycle place at the farmer’s market. I had a really hard time coming up with the extra $30 it takes to buy into the recycling program in DeKalb county. I finally came up with the money that I really didn’t even have so that I could recycle at home and it is so much easier and I am able to recycle a lot more now. I got to thinking that there are probably lots and lots of people like me that don’t have an extra $30 lying around and the cost to recycle actually keeps them from doing it and the need for a non-profit charity is there. People would donate whatever amount they could afford and that $$ would go to buy recycle bins/accounts for people who can’t afford to buy one but would really like to…also I haven’t been able to come with a good name. Any ideas? Dollars to do…no, pennies for peaceful placing of recyclables…???

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no title so to call me by no name to twitch my ear I fall close to no ones cry I belong to no one here

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