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Soap Box Saturday Here on Cloth Diapers

Disposable diapers are like remote controls and video games. They are slowing us down and making us fat. Giving us heart attacks and diabetes and forcing us into gastric by-pass surgeries. Things like cloth diapers and clothes lines are actually the norm or at least the normal-norm instead of the lazy-norm that we have all grown to accept, in this disposable lifestyle that we live in. Where everything gets thrown away, wherever away is…. I believe that plastics are killing us, make ups are murdering us and hormone replacements are robbing us of our loved ones. read more

Pioneer Mom-Baby Raising Manual

 There are so many things I wish I had known before having a baby. Things that you  might think the hospital would tell you or your best friend or your mom or someone. click here!

True Beauty

My oldest, Mia, just recently celebrated her fifth birthday, and while it means she is at a beautiful, creative, fantastic age to most people, to me it has “get your act together now” written all over it. The truth, is I’m scared of what goes through her beautiful little mind and I’m desperate to convince her of her beauty. There are some girls in her preschool class that because of her eagerness to make friends, somehow make her feel like she’s not cool. Of course these girls parents drive nicer, newer cars than us and wear a different outfit everyday. Neither of which we will ever do. keep reading!

Crafty Teacher Gifts

So I’ve started trying to come up with a nice gift for Mia’s teachers. Also, I’ve also been trying to figure out what I could do with some used tomato sauce cans and so I got to thinking I should make pencil holders out of them and give them as gifts to her teachers.!? (in addition to giving them soaps and lotion from Totty’s Bend of course) So that’s what we did. We painted them. Mia painted them, I helped. Definitely want it to have that special kid love painting.

After covering the whole can with 2-3 coats of acrylic paint, we let them dry and then she painted flowers and ladybugs all over them. We also added clear sparkly paint as well as a clear coat. After the cans are finished we put a little bit of shredded junk mail in the bottom and then filled them  with goat milk soap and lotion as well as a pen and a handwritten note from Mia. more!

bath and then bed, in that order

There is this preconceived notion that it’s dinner and then bath but keep an open mind about this one because bath before dinner can be the best thing you’ve ever done for yourself and your kids. continue reading

Can’t Take the Heat

I usually make blueberry muffins or banana bread at least once a week and I really enjoy baking, so I decided it was time for me to start baking my own bread. It’s a no brainer. I’ve never made bread before and I found a recipe that says it’s so easy even a four year old can make it so I break out my eager five year old, some yeast, warm water and flour and go to town.  Feeling pretty  good right about now because Mia’s five and we’ve got a whole extra years worth of experience here. So we make the dough an d cover it to let it rise.

It was going so well that I decide to keep right on going and make a chocolate chip loaf. I was also planning on making lemon muffins after that, woah. So we mixed the butter and sugar, fighting the urge to eat all of it and got all the ingrediants mixed and in the bowl, and finally in the oven. And that’s the turning point, when all my luck ran out. Dylan starts crying just as the timer goes off. I let the loaf cool a little bit and decided I could flip it out onto a plate while holding him, why not? Keep reading


Raising Monsters

Meet “Frankie-Stein”, Frankenstein’s teenage daughter and the latest must-have doll in the family. I don’t have much to say about this. Just, wow.  She’s green and her limbs are detachable at all the joints.

I said No to the “street walker” werewolf…

and No to  ”Draculaura”

Because we don’t need to be scaring all your friends at show and tell, and what would the teachers think? I did however agree to  Frankenstein’s teenage daughter because even though she too looks like a monster-“street walker”, she is on her way to the beach and she’s in her bathing suit so that makes it ok, I guess. geez. Never knew that I would be having to deal with this kind of issue so soon. Mom’s of girls, never take  Tinkerbell for granted, she’s a little of a brat but we love her. Dear Mattel, can we please get some appropriately dressed monster dolls on the market so our daughters don’t want to dress like this?!