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true beauty tuesday!

true beauty to me is not being afraid of who you are.  and not being afraid of who you aren’t, either.  it’s hard sometimes to not wallow in that new varicose vein, or lump of cellulite, or cleavage wrinkle, but the fact of the matter is, it’s part of life.  and true beauty dictates that we won’t be judged as people by our inconsequential details.  that said, finding these things sucks!  i literally lost my breath upon the discovery of my outward-popping leg vein.  as my friend laughed hysterically, i remember thinking that i’d finally reached the point where things were happening in my body i naively thought i’d never have to deal with, but felt sorry for others when they had to.  well ladies, here we are!  but you know what?  at the end of the day, seriously, i’m still walking, i’m still breathing, and my neighborhood isn’t getting bombed.  a bit cliche, perhaps, but true.  and i know i’m still truly beautiful because i go on trying to be brave and good, and lots of people love me, and i love lots of people.  that’s true beauty to me.  and i dig it the most.

Tom Boy Talk on True Beauty Tuesday

Am I less of a woman because I don’t wear make up? I seriously ask myself this question from time to time especially when I’m feeling insecure or nervous about who I might run into or have to interact with for one reason or another. I quit wearing heels years ago…see more.

True Beauty

My oldest, Mia, just recently celebrated her fifth birthday, and while it means she is at a beautiful, creative, fantastic age to most people, to me it has “get your act together now” written all over it. The truth, is I’m scared of what goes through her beautiful little mind and I’m desperate to convince her of her beauty. There are some girls in her preschool class that because of her eagerness to make friends, somehow make her feel like she’s not cool. Of course these girls parents drive nicer, newer cars than us and wear a different outfit everyday. Neither of which we will ever do. keep reading!