Raising Monsters

Meet “Frankie-Stein”, Frankenstein’s teenage daughter and the latest must-have doll in the family. I don’t have much to say about this. Just, wow.  She’s green and her limbs are detachable at all the joints.

I said No to the “street walker” werewolf…

and No to  ”Draculaura”

Because we don’t need to be scaring all your friends at show and tell, and what would the teachers think? I did however agree to  Frankenstein’s teenage daughter because even though she too looks like a monster-“street walker”, she is on her way to the beach and she’s in her bathing suit so that makes it ok, I guess. geez. Never knew that I would be having to deal with this kind of issue so soon. Mom’s of girls, never take  Tinkerbell for granted, she’s a little of a brat but we love her. Dear Mattel, can we please get some appropriately dressed monster dolls on the market so our daughters don’t want to dress like this?! 

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  1. so whats the monstery part about her? that her hair is a little gray? and do hooker monsters often swim? she just looks like a bratz doll with gray hair to me. i like her better than barbie though, no huge rack or fake smile. Not scary enough though. Hooker monsters should be terrifying.

  2. sorry, the pic does not do it justice. she’s green, and she’s frankenstein’s daughter so she has stitches all over her body and her arms and legs detach at each joint. she also has black hair with a white streak. also, i left off the lightening bolt barrette and sunglasses. i should take a better picture, wish my real camera worked:)

  3. These things freak me out. They are WAY over sexualized. The fact that they have the biggest lips ever but almost no nose or ears or clothing is disgusting. Oddly enough I think their monsterness is the best thing about them.

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