Hi I’m “The Love of  Pete”. Me and my friends got together and decided to start a blogazine for women about women and our interests. Lots of crazy things happen while trying to raise my kids and save the planet. Stay tuned. For all of my posts check out my personal blog  The Love of Pete! 

Howdy! Outlaw Farmer here. Me and theses ladies go way back. Most of us cut our big girl teeth in the restaurant business and have been like sisters ever since. We are all over the place now from Atlanta to Seattle to Brooklyn and all types of in between. I’m gonna try to stick to posts about farming but expect the occasional (and possibly offensive) rant from time to time. That’s just how I roll. Please stop by Diary of an Outlaw Farmer for more secrets, dirt and things that grow from them.

Hello, lovelies! I’m Gilda Sue Rosenstern, the Deep South’s gabbiest half Jewish Internet talk show hostess! I’m happy to take time out from my never-ending quest for fame, cosmic truth, the mensh of my dreams, and a real-real rockin’ cocktail to answer your questions! Anything at all. (I KNOW! It rocks!)
To see my blog and watch episodes of the Computer Internet Show, visit! Thanks a ton, y’all, and cheers!

Greetings from Bus 358. I am Pigeon Hair Lady, guardian blogmother of Bleustockings and rogue woman extraordinaire. You can count on me for motherly advice,  home remedies and all sorts of recipes.

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