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Gardening the Lazy Way

If you’re new to gardening have no fear. It can be relatively easy with a few simple tips from lazy farmers like me. First of all, I almost never dig or till. Its true! You can have a great garden without breaking your back. Here’s my secret, NEWSPAPER and lots of it. Simply pick a sunny spot in your yard and mark off your beds. Lots of people like to do 4×4 square beds. Then take a tub of some sort like the size of a litter box and fill it with water. Soak your newspaper in the tub of water and then apply it thickly over your bed space, covering all grass and weeds. Once your bed is completely covered, pile on a 3″ layer of peat moss then a layer of leaves or straw and a second layer of peat moss. You can also layer in grass clippings and compost if you have it. Repeat the layers until you have about 12″ of planting medium. Now you’re ready to plant!