Who Stole the Sweet Potatoes?

A couple of weeks ago I planted sweet potatoes.  Apparently you just cut them in half and stick them in the ground and they make roots that you would then cut off and plant. I had been checking on them everyday and after about the fourth or fifth day I go out to check on everything and I couldn’t believe it. continue reading

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  1. Its not too late for your sweet potatoes! They like really warm weather so you haven’t gotten too far behind. You can do a couple of things in this situation, buy some plants or sprout more slips (which is what some people call the actual chunk of sweet potato). I ordered my plants from Vermont Bean Company simply because I was also ordering some black beans from them and thought I could save on shipping by getting them both at the same place. Anyhoo, you can sprout your slips by placing them on a wet paper towel in a sunny window…heck I’ve even sprouted them in complete darkness not meaning to. At any rate, don’t tell Mia, Brownie or those pesky squirrels where your treasured sweet potatoes are. When they sprout, plant them in a row 18″ apart and give them PLENTY of room to vine.

  2. Thank you, who do you think stole them and what could I do to prevent them and the rest of my garden from getting raided. Could it have been a raccoon?

    • I’m not one to point fingers, you’ll have to fig that out on your own. Best thing you can do is let Brownie keep an eye on the garden for you. She should be able to scare off any midnight bandits.

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