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Tom Boy Talk on True Beauty Tuesday

Am I less of a woman because I don’t wear make up? I seriously ask myself this question from time to time especially when I’m feeling insecure or nervous about who I might run into or have to interact with for one reason or another. I quit wearing heels years ago…see more.

It’s Gilda Sue’s Mail Bag! “Cool Chick or Hot Mess?”

Y’all, this week’s query is from Liz in Mouse Island, Maine. Liz writes,

”Gilda, I’m trying to learn how to be a tougher, more grounded person, rather than be such a hot mess. Where do I start?”

OK, I looked up some words on the computer Internet.

“Tough” is defined as “durable, tenacious, and lusty.” But, also as “callous, stern, and harsh.”
“Grounded can mean “mindful, and wise.” But, also “beached.” Like a dying sea creature.
Drambuie is Gaelic for “the drink that satisfies.” But some folks use some other words, like “never in a million years!” or “you’ve got to be kidding me! People actually DRINK this #*@!!?”


And, I think it’s important to point out that the good folks at Drambuie don’t really care which one you are, as long as there are enough of the former buying their drink that (apparently only sometimes) satisfies to keep them in business, and to The Devil with the latter!

Do you see where I’m going with this, Liz?

Hon, I suspect what you are really looking for is the inner strength to do whatever you damn well please regardless of what folks might think, which must just damn rock! I mean look at Barbara Bush. Oy! Well, I’ll bet she looks in the mirror each morning, as she drapes those gigantic pearls around her neck with the confidence that defies reason, and chants the mantra that every successful woman lives by: “Pleasing everyone is for suckers.”

Nobody, not even Drambuie, can please everyone.

Now, Outlaw Farmer asks,

“What the heck is a hot mess?”

A hot mess is bad, as far as I can tell, though it is apparently, by most counts, also considered sexy, which most folks think is good. So, once again, perspective is key. You can’t please ‘em all.

In sum, rock on, Liz! And damn give yourself a break.

Y’all keep your questions coming! Leave a comment here or see me at The Gilda Sue Rosenstern Computer Internet Show and leave me a private missive. I look forward to hearing from you!

Is there a Cure for Cancer that No One is Telling Us About?

Our country has got it’s priorities mixed up right now, with all the pharmaceutical companies and their interest in money over providing a beneficial service to the American people. At what point along the way did money become more important than integrity on such a grand scale, and so widely accepted? I have a hard time understanding how there still isn’t a cure for cancer, something that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and even a life. But maybe there is. keep reading


Several times now I have awoken to large patches of splotchy red on my legs.  At first I thought it was a spider bite, and it went away quickly so I didn’t worry about it.  Yesterday morning it happened again, and this was the worse looking yet.  Then last night I’d fallen asleep in my chair and woke up with the blotchiness on my other leg, and a red, painful area with some large bubbles on my other thigh.  It hurt pretty bad, and definitely freaked me out because I don’t know what’s causing this.  As I lay in bed, I decided maybe I should take an antihistamine just to be safe.  I turn my light on.  Two seconds later a giant spider drops down onto my leg.  Great.  Now I really feel like sleeping.  I knocked him off, went and got the pills, and looked under my bed for him.  There he was, all long-legged and creepy.  Using a glass I scooped him up and threw him outside.  I felt better knowing mister big was gone and fell asleep surprisingly fast.

I also woke up surprisingly fast to what sounded like a tree falling on my house.  Turns out it was just a very large limb of a tree that fell on my house.  Reeling about that, I look up to see another giant spider on my window.  Shaking-uncharacteristically- I got him in my bug catcher with great difficulty and threw him outside, wondering  if I should look up those pictures of brown recluses again.  Guess what?  There was another one on that same window!  At this point, I had to use the bathroom.  Looking up constantly to make sure no spiders were descending upon me, I walk into the restroom and there’s another one on my shower curtain.  I sprayed hair spray on that one (sorry).   A minute later, I’m standing in the middle of my cabin looking around,and it  suddenly looks like a dark, scary haven for giant spiders.  I just stood there, with the chills, and was afraid to start doing anything I would normally do in the morning for fear I’d run into a bunch more.

Now, I’m normally very brave when it comes to these things.  I’ve had a roach in my mouth, a mouse crawl across my face, and beetles dive-bombing me while I sleep.  I take it all in stride.  I know I am a strong, capable woman who can clearly take care of herself.  But last night something hit me:  I don’t want to do it all alone.  I want someone to have my back.  I don’t want to have to write down on a pad of paper next to my bed what’s happened to my legs in case something bad happens to me and I’m not able to explain it to the paramedics who come to take me away.  I even left them pictures of the spider next to the paper so they had all the info to figure out how I’d died or gotten really sick.  Sad, huh?

I don’t know how to go about finding that fabulous man I’d love to be with, and right now there is no one here to tell me it’s all ok, or make sure I don’t rot away from poison in the middle of the night.  All I do know is that my leg still hurts, these spiders are not brown recluses, and I’m going to have to sleep alone again tonight, wondering if there will be another mister big crawling around me as I sleep.  Oh well.  Be brave and go forward, right?  I’m working on it.

Breastfeeding Restrictions

New breastfeeding restrictions being implemented in Forest Park, GA. really make me wonder where are tax dollars are going. They are passing a law that restricts moms from breastfeeding babies 2 and up in public. Keep reading!

It’s Gilda Sue’s Mail Bag! “Saved by The Bell?”

Hello, lovelies! Welcome to the first Bleu Stockings installment of Gilda Sue’s Mail Bag,where y’all can ask me anything you want. Anything at all. (I KNOW!)

Our first missive is from Father Patrick Fitzpatrick of The Sister Mary Frances School for Underage and Guileless Boys in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. The father writes:

“I’ve been following your advice with regard to dealing with uncomfortable feelings, and I’ve just been pushing them deep, deep down. It almost works. But not really. I fear there will come a day when I will actually have to face my demons. And if what all these protestants are saying is true, that day is fast approaching. Judgement Day could be as close as next Saturday, May 21st! What do you think?”

Oh, well, I guess I should’ve gotten to that a tad sooner. Sorry, Father.

Oy. OK.

A)  I assume, when you say “these protestants” you mean this guy that I found on this CNN site, right?

So then, B)  What I think is, no, I don’t believe this Judgement Day thing is going to happen, hon. At least it isn’t going to happen last Saturday. And if that Rob Bell is to be believed, it won’t really matter if it does happen last Saturday. Or any Saturday, for that matter. And they write articles about him in Time Magazine and stuff! (I KNOW!)

But more important, hon, is thirdly, or C)  If those uncomfortable feelings keep bubbling up to the surface, you do need to deal with them. And you may need to admit you need help, which is sometimes real-real hard for folks. I find that a hot Drambuie-tini with a chocolate-caramel swirl garnish always helps me.

Bottoms up, Father Pat! (And by that, I just mean “cheers,” okay? Oy! )

Keep your questions coming, folks. Leave a comment here or at The Gilda Sue Rosenstern Computer Internet Show. I look forward to hearing from you!

Bye, now.

Pioneer Mom-Baby Raising Manual

 There are so many things I wish I had known before having a baby. Things that you  might think the hospital would tell you or your best friend or your mom or someone. click here!

True Beauty

My oldest, Mia, just recently celebrated her fifth birthday, and while it means she is at a beautiful, creative, fantastic age to most people, to me it has “get your act together now” written all over it. The truth, is I’m scared of what goes through her beautiful little mind and I’m desperate to convince her of her beauty. There are some girls in her preschool class that because of her eagerness to make friends, somehow make her feel like she’s not cool. Of course these girls parents drive nicer, newer cars than us and wear a different outfit everyday. Neither of which we will ever do. keep reading!

Champagne Vinaigrette (via Diary of an Outlaw Farmer)

Here’s a great recipe for Champagne Vinaigrette from Outlaw Farmer. Enjoy!

Champagne Vinaigrette I love this time of year for the awesome selection of fresh field greens. There’s nothing better than a bowl full of baby greens topped with skillet potatoes, two fried eggs, fresh goat cheese and champagne vinaigrette. I know this because I used to work in a restaurant called The Flying Biscuit that has a  fried egg salad on the menu. Trust me. Its AMAZING. But you must have the champagne vinaigrette. There is no substitute. I have copied the re … Read More

via Diary of an Outlaw Farmer

The Call of the Outlaw: A Farming Revival

Hardly a week goes by that I don’t receive a link to a news cast featuring some cool looking chap in overalls and a cowboy hat sporting his latest bushel of kale. Its kind of fun being in the “in crowd” for once in my life. But I hope this farming revival thing sticks around for more than just my ego.

The thing is, America needs to reconnect with our land and our food. There are so many reasons why: to renew our health, to address the needs of the land itself and the plants and animals that inhabit it, to regenerate our economy and create jobs. But in the immediate short term, I believe farming can help us heal from the pains of war… Read Full Post